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Gavel, Ship Launching, Golden Oriole, Glasgow, Scotland, Vintage, 1973 (Sold)

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Commemorative Ship-Launching Gavel
Golden Oriole
Govan Shipbuilders Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland: August 29, 1973
Mahogany with engraved gilt metal mounts
10.5 x 5 inches

A fine hand-carved mahogany ceremonial gavel, the hammer head having a rounded finial, flanked on either side by gilt metal bands, with carved leaves in the coved reserves, the bulbous center decorated on each side with rectangular maritime flag emblems, which have a GS on one side for Govan Shipbuilders and a W on the other, probably standing for World Maritime Ltd., the ship’s owner when it was launched. The gilt metal bands are engraved “MV ‘GOLDEN ORIOLE’ LAUNCHED 29th AUGUST 1973” and “GOVAN SHIPBUILDERS LIMITED” respectively. The handle is richly carved with geometric and floral decorations, ending in a ball finial.

The fine quality of this gavel makes it an excellent gift for an attorney or judge.

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The Golden Oriole was built by Govan Shipbuilders Ltd. in Govan, a district of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1973. The steel motor vessel was launched the same year as a bulk carrier for World Maritime Ltd., Hong Kong. It passed through other shipping companies before being broken up and disposed of in 2011 following a serious fire that had destroyed much of the equipment. Govan Shipbuilders was a British company formed in 1972 from a merger of Fairfield Shipyard and Upper Clyde Shipbuilders. A total of 53 ships were built at the Govan shipyard between 1973 and 1988. In 1988 the company was sold to the Norwegian group Kvaerner and renamed Kvaerner Govan.


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