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Advertising Art, Illustration, Clothing, Leroy’s, Fifth Avenue, New York, Antique Watercolor, c. 1900


H.C. Williamson
Leroy’s Clothing, Fashion for Men and Women
New York: c. 1900
Gouache on illustration card
6 x 11 inches, image
10 x 14 inches, overall

Commercial sign illustration for Leroy’s Clothing on New York City’s Fifth Avenue, done by H.C. Williamson. An elegantly dressed couple stand in an oval, the man pulling on a glove, the woman holding a bouquet. The sign includes the name of the establishment and the slogan, “Fashion for Men and Women, Highest Quality Lowest Price.”

This work is from a large collection of sign illustrations by Williamson recently discovered in Maine, done for a broad range of businesses including pharmacies, dentists and clothing stores. Many of his drawings were for signs that were to incorporate a series of light bulbs, but this drawing is for a more simple sign.

Condition: Generally very good with usual light overall toning and wear.


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