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2009-2011, Shopping Features, George Glazer Gallery Globes at Partners & Spade

The Scout
“Partners & Spade First Look”
by Tom Ran
January 30, 2009

The New York Observer
“Andy Spade Is a Giant in New York”
by Spencer Morgan
April 7, 2009

The New York Times
“Pulse: Warning: Set Impulse Control on High”
by Karin Nelson
May 3, 2009

New York Magazine
“Spring Fashion ’10: Andy’s Factory”
by Rebecca Milzoff
February 14, 2010

Lane Crawford, Hong Kong
“Partners & Spade Pop-up Store”
June 7, 2011

Globes from the George Glazer Gallery are the central display in the unusual new shop Partners & Spade in Greenwich Village and formed the photogenic backdrop for a number of photographs appearing in articles about the opening of the store. Partners & Spade is organized as “a collection of collections that invites gallery owners, designers, artists, and creatives to share their work and collections,” according to The Scout, and has received a lot of media attention. The New York Observer published a profile of Andy Spade, noting, “In their store you can also buy one of collector George Glazer’s old globes, which range from $175 to $14,800.” A selection of the news photos from the publications listed above are shown on this page.

Details about the publications below.


• The Scout, a “lifestyle and design-conscious site highlighting unique events, retail and dining experiences in New York City.”

• The New York Observer, a newspaper covering New York City.

• The New York Times, which featured Partners & Spade in its Fashion & Style “Pulse” section with a slide show on its web site that shows a view of the store with globes at the center. The Times describes the shop as “a gallery-cum-concept shop filled with cool, clever — and…occasionally oddball — art objects, curated installations and vintage curios,” and recommends it for when you need to find “a gift for someone who has everything.”

• New York magazine takes a tour of the store narrated by Andy Spade as part of its Spring Fashion Week 2010 coverage, on their website.

• Lane Crawford, an upscale Hong Kong department store, hosts a pop-up store during the summer of 2011 installed by Partners & Spade and including some of our globes. At the time, photos and a video of the reception were posted on their website.

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