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Gavel, Masonic Door Knocker, Bronze, Antique, c. 1900


Masonic Bronze Gavel Door Knocker
New Star Brass & Bronze Works, Brooklyn, New York: c. 1900
6.25 x 5.5 inches, backplate (approximate)

Masonic door knocker featuring a sleeved hand holding a gavel, hinged at the top to knock on backplate formed as a Masonic square and compass symbol. Has five screw holes, as issued, for mounting on a door, probably of a Masonic lodge. Impressed twice with casting foundry name. The square and compass is the most universal symbol of Freemasonry.

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New Star Brass & Bronze Works is still in existence, at 178 Stockholm Street in Brooklyn. They are now a custom fabricator and installer of metal railings.

Full manufacturing information: New Star Brass & Bronze Works, 251-4th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Condition: Generally very good, with the usual wear. Formerly nickel plated with remnants of old plating.

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Late 19th/Early 20th Century