Portrait of Pharmacist William Procter, Jr.
Illustration by Dean Cornwell

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The Father of American Pharmacy, William Procter, Jr.
Dean Cornwell, N.A. (1892-1960) (after)
The Father of American Pharmacy, William Procter, Jr.
Wyeth Incorporated, Philadelphia: 1943
Photo-process print
16 x 20 inches
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Illustration of William Procter, Jr. (1817-1872), the "Father of American Pharmacy." He is shown with his assistant in his laboratory among apothecary jars, apparatus, and bookshelves.

Dean Cornwell is among the leading American painters of the golden era of illustration art. He was a member of the National Academy.


Broder, Patricia Janis. Dean Cornwell. Dean Of Illustrators. Balance House, Ltd., NY: 1978.

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