America Revolutionary War Uniforms
Illustrations by Erwin

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1. Three Continental Army Soldiers

Erwin Revolutionary War Costume Blue Soldier Detail
War Costumes Detail Revolutionary War Costume Detail
Artist Signature

2. Two Soldiers In Blue Jackets With "Cowboy Hats"

War Costumes Costume Detail

3. COR Soldier with Drummer

War Costume Costume Detail

4. Continental Army Infantrymen(left) and 5. Two Soldiers of the Rhode Island Artillery (right)

War Costumes Costume Detail War Costumes Costume Detail
Erwin (artist)
American Revolutionary War Uniforms
American: c. 2nd half 20th century
Gouache or acrylic on artists board
Each signed lower right or left
Illustration No. 1: 18.75 x 15 inches, overall; 17.5 x 13.5 inches image
Illustrations No. 2 to No. 5: 18 x 14 inches overall; 21 x 17 inches framed
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Set of illustrations of uniforms worn by American soldiers during the Revolutionary War. The soldiers appear in pairs, and in one illustration as a trio. They are conversing at ease in simple scenes consisting of campsites, partial landscapes, or small tufts of grass. Each rendering shows the uniforms in historically accurate detail. The illustrations were probably influenced by H.A. Ogden's illustrations for Henry Loomis' major historical work on uniforms of the United States Army, which can be viewed here.

1. Three Continental Army Soldiers

The soldier on the right holding an ornamental spear is dressed in the blue jacket faced with red details -- the uniform worn by the Continental Artillery from 1777-1783. Originally composed of unorganized militia companies, the Artillery eventually became much more structured and the uniform was adopted by the Board of War in 1779. At that time the French became suppliers of uniforms.

The center figure is dressed in the uniform of the Philadelphia Troop of Light Horse, which was founded in 1774 under the command of Abraham Markoe. This troop escorted George Washington on his journey to assume command of the Continental Army, and played an important role in the survival of Washington 's troops at Valley Forge.

The soldier at right, dressed in green, is likely a member of an independent Foresters or Rangers regiment. As the Revolutionary War marked the beginning of the American Armed Forces, a number of independent miscellaneous units such as these arose, having a large variety uniforms.

2. Two Soldiers In Blue Jackets With "Cowboy Hats"

These soldiers are likely members of the Pennsylvania State Regiment of Foot, whose uniform consisted of a light blue red-faced jacket having white pewter buttons, in use about 1777.

3. COR Soldier with Drummer

The soldier at right is dressed in the uniform of the Canadian Regiment of Infantry of the Continental Army, formed during 1776. The regiment was under the command of Colonel Moses Hazen, and included men from a number of states, mostly Pennsylvania and also Canada . As a member of the light infantry company, his hat has a front piece with the abbreviation "COR." The hat often also had the motto "Pro Aris et Focis," but this is not present in this hat. To his left stands a drummer in miscellaneous uniform.

4. Continental Army Infantrymen

The infantryman at left in the red-faced blue jacket is wearing the uniform of a regiment in the Continental Army. By 1777, this uniform was the most widely used throughout the Continental Army, and it is therefore difficult to identify it to a specific regiment. The soldier at right, dressed in a brown fringed jacket, is likely the member of a miscellaneous Forester regiment.

5. Two Soldiers of the Rhode Island Artillery

This uniform, consisting of a brown jacket with red trim and gold buttons along with a leather cap featuring an anchor, is that of the Rhode Island Artillery in 1775. The peculiar caps are formed of 6 pieces of leather with cone shape front piece. The frontis is adorned with a golden anchor, above which appears the motto "For Our Country." Beneath the anchor is the motto "In Te Domine Sepramus."


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