Sketchbook of Animal Drawings
c. 1840

This item is sold.  It has been placed here in our online archives as a service for researchers and collectors.

sketch: hoses at rest sketch: giraffe sketch: elephant
sketch: village sketch: cottage sketch: windmill
Sketches of Animals and Horses
American School: c. 1840
Book of 31 original sketches in pencil on paper
7 x 9 inches
Sold, please inquire as to the availability of similar items.
A book of accomplished pencil sketches made around 1840, judging from the paper and style. There are 31 sketches, a few initialed "F.B.", but no other identification. A number are sketched on both the front and back of the page (mainly houses and farms). While the architectural studies are nicely rendered, the drawings of animals have a personality and vigor that make them the standouts in this collection.

    List of the images:
  1. prancing horse
  2. back view of church with bell on top (on reverse of 1)
  3. farm with windmill
  4. old church? (on reverse of 3)
  5. houses with thatched roofs & windmill
  6. village street with houses (on reverse of 5)
  7. barn complex with fence
  8. group of houses (on reverse of 7)
  9. houses
  10. man standing on road leading to old church & buildings (on reverse of 9)
  11. house complex
  12. old village with gate leading under a guardhouse (on reverse of 11)
  13. barn and house
  14. bow of beached ship with various items scattered about (on reverse of 13)
  15. bay scene with two men in rowboat, other ships
  16. bay scene with ship at dock being unloaded
  17. cavalry rider in uniform (on reverse of 16)
  18. study of woman's face
  19. study of woman's face
  20. head of giraffe
  21. head of camel
  22. cow in pasture
  23. trotting horse in halter
  24. cow in pasture
  25. lanky horse in stall
  26. scene in an old barn, with man and cows
  27. v
  28. two swans
  29. sheep
  30. giraffe
  31. elephant
  32. two horses at fence

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