Historical New Jersey
Leon L. des Rosier, c. 1930s

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Historical Map of the State of New Jersey
Leon L. des Rosiers
Historical Map of the State of New Jersey
The Historical Map Bureau, W. Willington, Connecticut: c. 1930s
Color photo process print
22 x 16.5 inches, image
24 x 18 inches, overall
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Historical Map of New Jersey showing places of historical significance, roads, railways, airports, canals, towns, and beaches. Pictorial illustrations represent various places, such as revolutionary soldiers tending a cannon at Monmouth Battlefield, and sunbathers with umbrellas at the beaches. Pictorial illustrations of agricultural products, including tomatoes and grapes.. Border decorated with important historical events and famous people such as Thomas Edison in his lab at Menlo Park and Princeton, where "Confederates defeated Union forces - 1862." Waters decorated with boats, including tuna fishermen. Simple green border, map in tones of cream and blue, with some additional subdued coloration.