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2002, Collecting Feature, Victorian Homes Magazine, Global Wonders

Victorian Homes Magazine
“Global Wonders”
by Donna Pulese-Murphy
December 2002, Vol. 21, No. 6
pp. 72, 74-75

All of the globes pictured with this “Collections” feature were sold by the George Glazer Gallery to a private collector. George was quoted at the end of the article:

“Reference books will help [collectors of vintage globes], but rely on the experts in this specialized field to answer your questions and guide you in the globe collecting process.

One such expert is George Glazer, an authority on vintage globes and owner of George Glazer Gallery in New York City. According to Glazer, globes have an unusual drawing power that appeals to us on many levels. He says, ‘The shape, design and pictorial features of celestial and terrestrial globes not only have decorative appeal, but they also attract anyone with an interest in history, geography, politics, astronomy, travel, genealogy, exploration or science.’

Which pretty much covers us all.”

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