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1998, Special Event, Sandy Smith Fall Antiques Show, Armory, New York

Sandy Smith Fall Antiques Show
Seventh Regiment Armory, Park Avenue, New York

Photographs of the George Glazer Gallery booth at the Sandy Smith Fall Antiques Show, a major New York fair highlighting Americana and known for attracting high end collectors that operated from 1979 to 1999.

In 2017, Sanford “Sandy” Smith, whose firm Sanford L. Smith & Associates produced that fair (and many others), spoke to Antiques and the Arts Weekly about its history:

“When we opened the Fall Show at the Park Avenue Armory for the first time in 1979, we had created the hottest show,” Sandy said…while reminiscing about antique shows of years past…He added that “the following year we went to a pier on the Hudson River, opening that venue for many shows to follow, and remained there for 16 years before returning to the Armory in 1995.”



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