Custom Display Stands

The George Glazer Gallery now offers custom stands for pocket globes, gavels, collectibles, coral and minerals, and various small decorative arts objects.  Each is handcrafted by a maker of displays and mounts for major museums, dealers and collectors nationwide.

Generally the stands are in a simple Modernist style with black Plexiglas rectangular bases.  Additional options include clear Plexiglas covers and brass hand-lettered label plates.  Each stand is custom designed and handmade to complement the object as well as support and preserve it.  Prices vary, generally ranging from $100 to $750 each.  For a price quote on a custom base, please inquire.  Below are some examples of our custom stands:

Stand for pocket globe, back view Stand for pocket globe, front view Stand for pocket globe, side view Stand for pocket globe, plexiglas lid

Pocket Globe: The intricate map gores on a three-inch diameter pocket globe and its case are displayed while protected from dust and handling. Each is mounted on a brass armature that holds it securely, while being easily removable. One armature holds the case open, while the other raises the globe on a simple half meridian and stem. Shown above from different sides, and with a plexiglas lid.

Stand for irregularly-shaped object Gavel stand side view
Gavel stand top view

Irregularly Shaped Souvenir: (far left) A conforming mold on black base holds a piece of relic wood from the USS Constitution. It can be lifted out of the base to view.

Gavel: (left) For desk or shelf display, the gavel is held at an angle above a round disk simulating a pounding block, giving it the dynamic appearance of being in mid-motion. The gavel rests on two wire rods, and can easily be removed for use. The stands shown here also have hand-stamped metal label plates.

Stand for souvenir cable

Souvenir Cable: A 19th century souvenir of a four-inch section of the first transatlantic cable "floats" about an inch above the black base on a T-shaped wire support (above).

Coral and Minerals: A large piece of white coral rests in a custom fitted armature that slots into a black base. The coral is removable (right).

Stand for coral or minerals Stand for coral or minerals