Historic Long Island
Stephen J. Voorhies, New York: 1936

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Voorhies Long Island Map
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Stephen J. Voorhies
Historic Long Island
New York: 1936
Photo-process print mounted on board
30.5 x 23.5 inches, including frame
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Decorative and historical map of Lond Island subtitled "A Map showing its Towns & Villages and the Outstanding Events during its Development over a period of more than Three Hundred Years." The central pictorial map has numerous illustrations of historic sites and events, with waters filled with sailing ships. It is surrounded by 23 inset illustrations of historical events, within an outer border with the names of "the thirteen tribes of Indians who were the first proprietors of Long Island." Also includes inset: "A Detail Map of the Dutch settlements on Western Long Island, Now the Borough of Brooklyn." Decorative cartouche with Native Americans and Pilgrims. Land mass is shown coloured in shades of yellow, waterways are in blue, and the historical border is green.