A Map of Nantucket, Massachusetts
Pictorial Map by Mary E. Murray: c. 1945

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A Map of Nantucket, Massachusetts, The Far-Away Island
Detail of map
Cartouche Detail of map
Mary E. Murray
A Map of Nantucket, Massachusetts, The Far-Away Island
Mary E. Murray, Newtonville, Massachusetts: 1945
Color-process print
21.75 x 28 inches, overall
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Map of Nantucket Island, surrounded by numerous illustrations of buildings, lighthouses, and vacationers enjoying activities such as bicycling and sailing. The map has simple cartography, showing ponds, harbors, beaches, roads and a few places of interest such as golf courses and the cranberry bog. The design incorporates references to the island’s heritage as a fishing port, with a picture of a clipper ship above the map and a whale below it, along with vignettes in the four corners of 19th century sailors.