Paris-Dunn Electric Windmill
Presentation Sales Demonstration Model
Dunn Windmill
Dunn Windmill Dunn Windmill
Dunn Windmill Dunn Windmill
Parris-Dunn Corporation
Presentation Windmill Sales Demonstration Model
Clarinda, Iowa: c. 1940s
Metal model with wooden blades
27.25 inches, maximum height with blades vertical
6.5 x 6.5 inches, base
Sold, please inquire as to the availability of similar items.

Model of a windmill used to generate electricity, showing its construction and functions.  The blades of the windmill are mounted to a pivoting piece, allowing them to tilt at various wind speeds.  A paper label applied to the base identifies and provides information about the instrument.  This particular example has a painted dedication from the Parris-Dunn Corporation to “Maurice,” probably Maurice O. “Dutch” Greiman, the company’s principle engineer from late 1943 to 1949.  A similar model is pictured online in a web site dedicated to the history of Parris-Dunn (see “Sales Demo” in References below).

Founded in 1917, the Parris-Dunn Corporation began producing wind generators in 1934.  These featured a clever design by co-founder William Dunn, that the company called “The Famous Patented ‘Slip the Wind’ Governing Principle.” This innovation guarded against damage during variable and dangerous wind conditions by allowing the propeller to move back on its axis, so the excess wind would bypass the blades.  Parris-Dunn wind generators were popular through the 1930s, until rural electrification gradually decreased the market for them.

Applied label on base: DEMONSTRATING The Famous Patented ‘SLIP THE WIND’ GOVERNING PRINCIPLE For 6, 12 and 32 volt Wind-Electric, Farm Radio, Light and Power Battery Chargers “It Slips the Damaging Excess Wind” Pats. 2,026,828 – 2,052,816 – 2,102,309 PARRIS-DUNN CORPORATION CLARINDA, IOWA, U.S.A.

Painted dedication on propeller tail: To Maurice, Compliments PARRIS-DUNN CORP. CLARINDA, IA.


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