Prints and Art: Science and Medicine

Medicine & Anatomy

De humani corporis fabrica libri decem

Fialetti/ Valesio/ Maurer
De humani corporis Anatomical Prints
Venice: 1627
Copperplate engravings
$900 each

Prints from Diehl's Anatomy for Artists and Students

Conrad Diehl
Prints from Diehl's Anatomy
New York: 1888
$750 per pair

Circulatory System

Circulatory System
London: 19th C.

Myology & Apollo Belvidere, 3 Prints

Myology [Muscle Anatomy]
London: c. 1820s
Hand-colored engravings
$250 each

Yaggy Skeleton

Levi W. Yaggy
Anatomical Study

Chicago: 1884-85

Capitoline Faun Anatomy Study

Capitoline Faun Ecorché Anatomy Study
France: 1851
Brown and red ink

1702 Mallet Versailles Stables

The Stables
of Versailles

Paris: 1702

Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities
London: 2nd Qtr. 19th C.

Anheuser Busch Doctor Stork, Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before

Anheuser Busch Advertisement
Doctor Making House Call
Color process print on metal, 1915

Witches, Doctor, and Death

Witches Save Doctor from Death
Mid 19th C.
Hand-cut silhouettes on paper
$750, set of 7

Miniature Phrenology Head

Miniature Phrenology Head
[Cane Handle]

British or American: 3rd Qtr. 19th C.

Who's What Character Analysis and Phrenological Chart

Frank Clarence Newell, Jr.
Who's What Character Analysis and Phrenological Charts
Newell Research Institute,
New York: 1922
Color-printed cardboard

Merchant's Gargling Oil Advertising Sign

Merchant's Gargling Oil Advertising Sign
American: late 19th C.
Lithograph on tin

Pair of Old Master Portraits of Professions:  Law and Physick (Medicine)

Adriaen van Ostade
Law and Physick [Medicine]
J. Boydell, 1763
$1,800, the pair

Busick Harwood

Sylvester Harding
Busick Harwood, British Anatomist

John Haighton, M.D. Lecturer on Midwifery and Physiology at Guys Hospital

John Haighton, M.D.
London: 1818

Science & Engineering

Chemist Painted Wooden Plaque

Painted Wooden Plaque
Italy: c. 1950s

Galileo Statue

Statue of Galileo
19th C.

Instruments and Devices

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The Gentleman's Recreations

Richard Blome
The Gentleman's Recreations
London: 1710
Folio book, 2nd ed.
80 plates

Astronomer Copernicus: Conversation with God

F. Koziak
Astronomer Copernicus
Polish: Mid 20th C.
Carved wooden plaque

Long Island Fair 1960 Science and Industry Exposition

Frederic Holder
Long Island Fair 1960 Science and Industry Exposition
U.S. Air Force, Dayton, Ohio: 1960
Painted metal
20 inches diameter
Price on Request

Barite Molecular Chemical Model

Barite Chemical Model
Germany: Mid 20th C.
Wood and metal
Price on Request

Slide-Wire Wheatstone Bridge

Leeds & Northrup Co.
Slide-Wire Wheatstone Bridge
Philadelphia: First Half 20th C.
Oak board with fittings

Steroid Molecule Award

Steroid Molecule [Award]
British: c. 1980s
Brass model on wood base
Price on Request

The Way to the Wealth in the Atom (Spinthariscope)

George F. Morrell
The Way to the Wealth in the Atom
British: 1923
Pen and ink

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