Archive: Gavels

18th Century

Tygers at Play

George Stubbs
Tygers at Play
London: 1780 (restrike c. 1974)

Tygers at Play

Peter Paul Rubens
Lions at Play
Proof edition
John Boydell, London: 1782

Lion and Lioness, Animals Drawn from Nature

Charles Catton Jr.
Lion & Lioness from Animals Drawn from Nature
I. & J. Taylor, London: 1787
Hand-colored aquatint
$950, the pair

Knorr Animal Studies

George Wolfgang Knorr
Animal Studies
from Deliciae Naturae Selectae

Nuremburg, Germany: 1766-67
Hand-colored engravings
$550 each

19th Century

Italian Prints of Mammals

Giovanni Boschi
Prints from Atlante Zoologico Popolare
Petraroja, Naples:1863-79
Hand-colored lithographs
$250 to $750

The Great Anteater

Joseph Wolf
The Great Anteater
Hand-colored lithograph
London: 1861-67

The Hairy-Nosed Wombat

Joseph Wolf
The Hairy-Nosed Wombat
Hand-colored lithograph
London: 1861-67

Engravings of Cows

Paulus Potter
Cattle in the Landscape
Paris, Late 18th C.
$450 each

Pair of Kangaroo Prints, 1824

A. Prévost
Kangaroo and Potoroo
Paris: 1824
Hand-colored engravings
$1,600, the pair

Mariana Fruit Bat

A. Prévost
Roussette Kéraudren [Mariana Fruit Bat]
Paris: 1824
Hand-colored engraving
$800, the pair

Ridinger Prints

Johann Ridinger
Instructive Fables from the Animal Kingdom
Early 19th C.
$1,500, the pair

20th Century

Prys Animals Set of 3

T. Prys
Set of Three Animal Paintings
Dutch, c. 1930s
$4,200, the set

Heimburg North American Animal Illustration

R. Heimburg
North American Animals
Painting, Dutch: 1930s

Anglo Indian

Llamas, Giraffes,and Zebra
Three Watercolors, c. 1900
$400 each

Rhinoceroses and Egrets

David Parry
Rhinoceroses and Egrets
British: Last Qtr., 20th C.
Watercolor painting

2 Buffalo Drawings

Pair of Buffalo Studies
Mid 20th C.
Pastel on paper
$1,250, the pair

Sweney Fox

Frederick Sweney
Black Fox
Wildlife painting, 20th C.

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