Prints: Dogs and Cats
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Abraham Hondius
Sporting Dogs
London: 1800

Gordon Setter

Various Dog Portraits
Cassell's Illustrated Book of the Dog
London: c. 1870s-1880s
$250 each

Say, Pumpernickel

Edwin George Lutz
Say, Pumpernickel
American: Dec. 1, 1913
Pen and ink

Proctor Dachshunds

Howard Proctor
Jausé and Willy


Who's Afraid of You?

Currier & Ives
Who's Afraid of You?
New York: 1868

Greyhounds Racing

Eugène Pechaubès
Greyhounds Racing
Hand-colored lithograph, 1927

Krmse Dogs

Persis Kirmse
[Dogs on River Banks]
New York: 1917

Dog Powering a Butter Churn

Arthur Burdett Frost
Dog Powering a Butter Churn
American: c. 1900

Tiff in the Nursery

G. Davies
A Tiff in the Nursery
London: Mid 19th C.

Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove

Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove -- Clan Mackintosh Badge
20th C.
Embroidered cloth

Fellow Feeling, Laurie and Whittle

Laurie & Whittle
Fellow Feeling

London: 1801