George Brookshaw, Pomona Britannica
Quarto Edition, London: 1817

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George Brookshaw (1751-1823) (after)
Selection of Fruit Prints
from Pomona Britannica, or a Collection of the Most Esteemed Fruits at Present Cultivated in Great Britain
Bensley and Son for Longmans, Hurst, Rees, Orne, and Brown, London: 1817
Quarto edition
Stipple engravings, printed in color, finished by hand
10.25 x 8.25 inches, platemark
13 x 10.25 inches, overall
$450 to 750 each

See also prints from the folio edition.

Brookshaw's Pomona Britannica is widely considered the finest English color plate natural history study of fruit. Intended to accurately record the best available varieties and encourage their cultivation, it was first published in 1804-1812 in a large folio version containing 90 plates of 256 varieties, and then in a smaller quarto format in 1816 and 1817 that contained 60 plates of 174 varieties.  Both versions feature fruit then grown in and around London, especially at the Royal Gardens at Hampton Court. Varieties include tree fruits such as apples, peaches, cherries, plums, and figs as well as pineapples, melons, berries and grapes.  

Both the folio and quarto editions of Brookshaw maintained a high quality of printing, employing the color-printed stipple method, which approximates the supple colorations, tones and textures achieved with watercolor painting.  However, the folio version and the quarto version differ in various respects besides size. The folio illustrations are somewhat bolder, against dark brown backgrounds that accentuate the fruit as it seems to “jump off the page.” In contrast, the quarto edition prints are more spare and delicate against light backgrounds. Another difference is that the folio includes melons on ledges and pineapples, while the quarto does not. It may be posited that the style of the quarto plates are related to Brookshaw's other vocations as an author of drawing instruction books and designer of painted furniture. Perhaps they were intended to serve as illustrations that would lend themselves to copying in watercolor for drawing practice or as models for decorative arts designers.

George Brookshaw was born in Birmingham, England, and early in his career taught the art of watercolor. He set up a business as a cabinet maker about 1777 and created designs for English neoclassical furniture, which are still highly prized by contemporary collectors. He supplied his painted furniture to an aristocratic and fashionable clientele until the 1790s, but after 1795 he abandoned cabinet making. Later he became a botanical artist, producing the lavish folio treatise Pomona Britannica (1804-12), depicting 256 varieties of fruit grown in Britain, many of them drawn from specimens in the Royal Gardens at Hampton Court. A smaller quarto edition of this work was issued in 1817.  Brookshaw also published A New Treatise on Flower Painting; or Every Lady her own Drawing Master and two companion volumes on painting birds and fruit.  He stated that these instructional manuals presented a method of painting that was so effective that he himself could not tell his pupils' copies from his own work.

Full publication information on each print: "Painted by the Author, G. Brookshaw, & Pub'd by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, Paternoster Row, & John Lepard, 108, Strand."

Condition: Generally very good, the colors fairly bright and clear, with the usual overall light toning, wear, soiling, soft creases. Some occasional very minor pale light foxing and spotting, not obtrusive. Printed credits bottom margin slightly light on some, as issued. Disbound stitches at edge, as issued.


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inv_item title fruit fullimage tn description
4 Plate IV Gooseberries brookshaw04.jpg brookshaw04-2.jpg [Gooseberries], Plate 4
7 Plate VII Cherries brookshaw07.jpg brookshaw07-2.jpg Tradescant, Millet's Duke, Amber-Heart Cherries, Plate 7
9 Plate IX Cherries brookshaw09.jpg brookshaw09-2.jpg [Cherries], Plate 9
14 Plate XIV Plums brookshaw14.jpg brookshaw14-2.jpg White Perdrigon and Roche Carbon Plums, Plate 14
15 Plate XV Plums brookshaw15.jpg brookshaw15-2.jpg Prune, Common Damson and Royal Dauphin Plum, Plate 15
18 Plate XVIII Plums brookshaw18.jpg brookshaw18-2.jpg [Plums], Plate 18
22 Plate XXII Peaches brookshaw22.jpg brookshaw22-2.jpg [Peaches], Plate 22
26 Plate XXVI Peaches brookshaw26.jpg brookshaw26-2.jpg Late Admirable, Double Mountain and Red Magdalen Peaches, Plate 26
30 Plate XXX Peaches brookshaw30.jpg brookshaw30-2.jpg Chancellor, Catherine and Old Newington Peaches, Plate 30
31 Plate XXXI Peaches brookshaw31.jpg brookshaw31-2.jpg [Peaches], Plate 31
33 Plate XXXIII Peaches brookshaw33.jpg brookshaw33-2.jpg [Peaches], Plate 33
34 Plate XXXIV Peaches brookshaw34.jpg brookshaw34-2.jpg Murry and Newington Nectarines, Plate 34
44 Plate XLIV Figs brookshaw44.jpg brookshaw44-2.jpg [Figs], Plate 44
55 Plate LV Apples brookshaw55.jpg brookshaw55-2.jpg [Apples], Plate 55
57 Plate LVII Apples brookshaw57.jpg brookshaw57-2.jpg [Apples], Plate 57
60 Plate LX Apples brookshaw60.jpg brookshaw60-2.jpg [Apples], Plate 60