Design for Neoclassical Portico Battle Monument
Francis A. LaCava, 1921
Design for Neoclassical Portico Battle Monument
Francis A. LaCava
Design for Neoclassical Portico Battle Monument
American: c. 1921
Signed lower right
Pen and ink and grey wash
22.5 x 37 inches

Accomplished architectural design for a battle monument, probably done by a student architect. In the upper frieze are inscribed the names of famous battles: Belleau, Argonne, Marne and Soissons from World War I; Danburye from the American Revolutionary War; Bull Run from the Civil War; Waterloo and Chateau (-Thierry) from the Napoleonic Wars and Hastings, the battle fought by William the Conqueror in 1066. Classical statues in the Roman style stand in between columns and neoclassical relief friezes decorate the base. The monument is decorated with wreaths and festoons and flanked by poplar trees. The building bears the date MCMXI, which is 1911 in Roman numerals, but given the fact that several World War I battles are among those listed, it is likely the artist wrote the date incorrectly and probably meant MCMXXI, or 1921.

Condition: Generally very good, with the usual overall toning, wear, soiling, soft creases, repaired short marginal tears, associated with working illustration art.

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