Customer Testimonials

The George Glazer Gallery is located in New York City, but has customers across the U.S. and around the world. Below are comments from customers about their experiences ordering from us online. You can also find out more about what people are saying about the gallery in our Press Clippings section where we compile newspaper and magazine stories and information about items we have lent to museum exhibitions.

Our customers are consistently very pleased with the items they receive from our web site, even without having seen them in person before ordering. The testimonials also affirm that we pack our globes, maps, and prints extremely well, and successfully send them to clients around the world in England, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, South America, etc. Our clients include private collectors, museums, interior designers, and other antiques dealers.

Note: E-mails below transcribed verbatim. Names and details are omitted to protect the privacy of our customers.

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Long Island Needlepoint Map
Hornbill paintingHornbill painting
Tiffany Cable Section
View of French Stock Exchange
Pine Spanish Armada Map
Theater Interior
Hammond Map not otherwise on site
Mitchell Map of New York and Brooklyn
BusinessUSVI magazine cover
New York City etching
Pennsylvania State Capitol Masonic Relic Gavel
Lions at Play
Long Island Map
Pictorial map
Piranesi print
Piranesi printFashion design
Alligator print
Atlantic cable