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Guide to Globe Makers
Capsule biographies by George Glazer.

Globe Reference Books
Reference books for sale.
Collecting Q & A
FAQ about collecting globes and maps.

Glossary of Globe Terminology
Globe terms defined.
The Art of Collecting
Informative online theme exhibitions and essays on topics including collector's cabinets, botanicals, subgenres of maps and globes, gavels and curiosities.
Other Resource Sites:
The International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes
Research and publications about antique terrestrial and celestial globes and planetaria. In English and German.

Image database of Corporation of London Library and Art Gallery. Over 20,000 images and maps related to British history, sites and landmarks.

Oddens's Bookmarks:
The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping

A comprehensive bibliography of cartography web sites with thousands of links.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Over 22,000 maps online, mainly 18th and 19th century, as well as globes.

New York Map Society
Educational programs and monthly speakers series at the New York Public Library.
Van der Krogt's Cartography Site
Reference materials on Dutch cartography, picture archives of maps on coins and monuments to Columbus, and more. In English and Dutch.

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Catalog
Catalog and image database of American prints and photos.

Map History/History of Cartography
Over 6,500 annotated links, maintained by Tony Campbell, Map Librarian (retired), British Library
Old Road Maps Cartes Routieres Anciennes
(Old Road Maps)

In French and English.
Steve Bartrick Steve Bartrick
Antique Prints and Maps

Located in the U.K.
The Walking Tree Press
Publisher of "The Mercator Atlas of Europe," 17 facsimile prints and a richly illustrated large format book.
Thomas Schwenke, Inc. Antiques dealer of Federal furniture.
Museums & Art
Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum
Exhibits and collection related to the history of astronomy.

Globe Museum of the Austrian National Library
Collection of globes and planetaria, especially pre-1850 terrestrial and celestial globes. In English or German.
Sabine Réthoré
Sabine Réthoré
Large, colorful handmade globes, by an artist in Marseille, France. In English and French.
Wall Relief by Helen Glazer Helen Glazer
Cloud photographs, wall reliefs, and other artwork by our webmaster.

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