Maps of the West and Midwest U.S.

California & Pacific Northwest

The Olympic Peaks

Frank Dipolito
The Olympic Peaks
Washington: 1962

Alaska: The Last Frontier

R. Klengston Rude
Alaska: Far North Frontier
California: 1959
Color-process print

Keep Oregon Green

H.J. Hayes
Keep Oregon Green:
The Beaver State

Salem, Oregon: 1962
Color-process print

Rainier Series - Paradise Inn and Tatoosh in Winter

Asahel Curtis
Rainier Series - Paradise Inn
and Tatoosh in Winter

Photograph, c. 1921

Poulson San Diego Drawings

Eric Poulson
San Diego Scenes
Original drawings, c. 1958-73
$150 to $250 each

West & Southwest

Pictorial Colorado Railroad Map

Linn H. Westcott
Colorado Railroad Map
Wisconsin: 1943
Color-process print, folded in original envelope

Pair of Colorado Photographs

J.G. Hiestand

c. 1890s
$1,200 each

This is Texas

Mchael Scully
This Is Texas
Book of photos

Southwest Landscape in Winter

Sàndor Bernàth
Southwest Landscape in Winter
Watercolor, 20th C.


Harry McEwen Pettit
Bird's-eye View of 1933 Chicago World's Fair
Evanston, Illinois: 1934
Gouache on board
Price on Request

Soo Line Railroad Tray with Map of Midwest

Soo Line Railroad Map Tray
c. 1913-1920
Screen printed tin

Map of Michigan

C.D. LeBaron
[Student's Original Map]
American: 1854
Pencil and watercolor

Map of Chicago August 5, 1833

O.E. Stelzer/W. Conley
Map of Chicago August 5, 1833
Chicago: 1933
Color process print


Sold World Maps

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