Maps of the United States
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North America

J. Rapkin
North America
Lithograph, 1851

United States and Continents

Mitchell's New
Universal Atlas

Engravings, 1850
$1,800, set of 6

A New Map for Travelers Throughout the United States of America Showing the Railroads, Canals and Stage Roads, with the Distances

J. Calvin Smith
United States Travelers' Map
Engraving, 1846

Picture Map of the United States

Louise E. Jefferson
Picture Map of the United States
New York: 1950
Black and white print
Price on Request

A.J. Johnson Map of Europe

A.J. Johnson
Map of United States
Philadelphia: 3rd Qtr. 19th C.
Hand-colored lithograph

Pictorial Music Map

Dorothea Dix Lawrence
Folklore Music Map of The US
New York: c. 1945

Pictorial Music Map

Edward McCandlish
Bootlegger's Map
Massachusetts: 1941
Hand-colored print
Price on Request

Relief Map of the U.S., Braille Puzzle Map

William J. Butler
Relief Map of the U.S.
[Braille Puzzle Map]

Kentucky: c. 1965-1985
Hand-painted plastic