Map of Indiana
Lee Carter Pictorial Map, 1932
A Map of Indiana detail
detail: cartouche detail: envelope
Lee Carter (cartographer)
A Map of Indiana
The Department of Conservation, State of Indiana: 1932
Oval & Koster, Indianapolis (printer)
Color photo process print
35 x 25 inches

A colorful pictorial map of the state "Showing its History, Points of Interest, and the holdings of the Dept. of Conservation," according to the cartouche. Famous sites and places of historical events, many illustrated, some with textual explanation. Printed border resembling a picture frame marked on each side with Latin words for the geographical directions. Comes in an Art Deco style envelope labeled, "Indiana, the Hoosier State: An Illustrated Historical Map. Published and Copyrighted by the Department of Conservation, State of Indiana." The Indiana Department of Conservation is now the Department of Natural Resources, and was responsible for the state parks, among other things. A revised edition of this map was published in 1959 (Kingsbury).

Condition: Folds, as issued, and included is the original envelope of issue. Generally fine, basically unused, with the usual light overall toning. Some light toning and edge wear to envelope.


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