12-Inch Table Globe on Neoclassical Stand
H.B. Nims & Co.: c. 1890
H.B. Nims 12-Inch Terrestrial Globe
Globe detail with polar circle Globe detail of U.S.
Globe cartouche Detail of stand
H.B. Nims & Co.
12-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
Troy, New York: c. 1890
Nickel-plated iron stand
21 inches high; 9.25 inch diameter base
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The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a domed brass pyramidal finial, canted at an angle on an iron inclination rod, raised on a nickel-plated iron stand with tubular central standard, which is on a round domed base decorated in the neoclassical taste with leaves, flowers, Greek-key border and flutes. 

Oceans and countries are cream-colored, land masses have partial blue outline and shading.  Oklahoma is shown in its entirety as Indian Territory.  North and South Dakota are divided.  The Submarine Telegraph Cable and Submarine Telegraph Cable (French) are shown in Atlantic Ocean.  Paths of explorers are indicated including Vancouver, Cook and [de la] Perouse.  The outline of the Antarctic Continent is shown with Weddell’s exploration in that region noted.  A figure-eight analemma is called “Table of Equation.” There are printed hour circles at the poles.

Franklin globes were produced through the second half of the 19th century by a succession of globe makers and booksellers, including H.B. Nims.  Read more about them in our Guide to Globe Makers.

Circular Cartouche: THE FRANKLIN/ TERRESTRIAL/ GLOBE/ 12 INCHES IN DIAMETER CONTAINING ALL THE/ Geographical Divisions/ & POLITICAL BOUNDARIES/ to the present date/ Carefully Compiled for the best Authorities/ H.B. NIMS & CO./ TROY N.Y./ Rae Smith Engraver/ N.Y.  (“H.B. NIMS & CO.” appearing as rectangular over-label) 

Condition:  Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear.  Few minor abrasions and cracks restored, including one in Guinea.  Nickel plating on stand lightly oxidized and worn.


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