8-Inch Terrestrial Globe, Tripod Iron Stand
Beckley Cardy Co., Seller, c. 1930s-40s
Beckley Cardy 8-Inch Terrestrial Globe
Beckley Cardy Globe Cartouche Beckley Cardy Globe Detail
Beckley Cardy Globe Detail Beckley Cardy Globe Detail
Beckley Cardy Co., Chicago (seller)
G.W. Bacon & Co. Ltd., London (globe gore printer)
8-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
[Weber Costello & Co., Chicago]: c. 1930s-40s
Tripod iron stand
15 inches high

An attractive medium-sized table globe, on a traditional cast iron cabriole leg stand, appropriate for desk or shelf display.

The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a tin hour circle, canted in a stationary calibrated full meridian, and raised on a faux-bronzed tripod iron stand with raised foliate decoration and cabochons between the cabriole legs, ending in paw feet.  Oceans are blue, geographic entities are cream-colored or faded green.  The gores were printed by the British firm of G.W. Bacon, imported and manufactured into the globe by the American school supply firm Weber Costello for the seller, school supply company Beckley Cardy.  Unlike the gores of other models of this period by G.W. Bacon, there are no isothermal or ocean current lines, as issued.

This globe shows Istanbul rather than Constantinople, indicating a date after c. 1930-32.  It also shows Palestine (as “P”), indicating a date before 1948.

Read more about the Beckley Cardy and Weber Costello companies in our Guide to Globe Makers. 

Round Cartouche (overlabel):  8-INCH GLOBE [above overlabel]/ TERRESTRIAL/ GLOBE/ BECKLEY CARDY CO./ Wholesale School Supplies/ CHICAGO, U.S.A.

Weber Costello Diamond Cipher above Overlabel: TIME TESTED/W.C./ SCHOOL SUPPLIES

There is one reference box under the cartouche, containing the following text:

69-1. Length of a degree of Longitude along each Latitude circle.
Circumference of each Latitude circle.
Distance through earth (Diameter) of each Latitude circle
Steamship routes.
The above distances are shown in English Miles

Text under box: COPYRIGHT G.W. BACON & CO. LTD. LONDON/ Printed in England.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, fading, wear, soiling, scratches, irregularities to varnish.  Some minor abrasions restored.  Stand good with the usual overall wear to original bronzed finish.