Horizon & Equator System Celestial Globe
Paul Räth, Leipzig: Mid 20th Century
Rath Celestial Globe
Cartouche Top view
Paul Räth Nachf. K.G.
Horizont-und Äquatorsystem (Himmelsglobus)
[13-inch Horizon & Equator System Celestial Globe]

Leipzig: Mid 20th Century
Fruitwood stand
28.5 inches high

The celestial globe in calibrated brass half meridian, raised on a tall fruitwood table stand with turned central standard on four splayed legs. The globe, apparently intended for classroom use, depicts simple celestial cartography in white on blue, mapping the stars onto a spherical projection of the Earth’s equator and poles, along with latitude lines at 30 and 60 degrees above and below the equator, polar circles, and a dashed-line ecliptic. The stars are rendered at various levels of magnitude, i.e. their relative brightness and size as seen from earth.

Paul Räth (1881-1929) was an author and publisher, founding a company publishing educational aids in Leipzig, Germany in 1917. From the start, the company manufactured globes and continued for at least 80 years. Their product lines included political and physical globes, relief globes, celestial globes, tellurians, and a lunar globe.

Cartouche: Demonstrationsmodell/ “HORIZONT-und ÄQUATORSYSTEM”/ (Himmelsglobus)/ Herausgeber: Erich Bartel, Apolda/Thür./ Verlag: Paul Räth Nachf. K.G. Leipzig/ Druck: VEB Hermann Haack Gotha/ Nr. 277/64/ Druckereilizenz Nr. k 4/57. [Demonstration Model/ Horizon and Equator System/ (Celestial Globe)/ Editor: Erich Bartel, Apolda/Thuringia/ Publisher: Paul Räth Successor K.G. Leipzig/ Printing: VEB Hermann Haack Gotha/ Nr. 277/64/ Pressmen Nr. k4/57.]

Condition: Globe and stand each generally very good with the usual overall light toning and wear.


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