9-Inch Moon Globe in Original Box
J. Chein & Co., c. 1969
9-Inch Lunar Globe
Lunar globe, bright side

The side of the moon facing the sun.

Lunar globe, dark side

The "dark side" of the moon.

Log book open Log book open

Log book, open, front and verso.

Lunar globe box


Lunar Globe Log Book cover

Lunar Globe Log Book cover

J. Chein & Co.
9-Inch Lunar Globe
Burlington, New Jersey: c. 1969
12 inches high, globe
12.5 x 9.25 x 9.25 inches, box
7 x 5 inches, booklet (folded)

Tin lunar globe on white plastic stand, in original box with booklet. The globe is screen printed with photographic images of the moon’s surface and divided by a raised black and white striped equatorial band into the side facing the earth and the “dark” side not visible from earth (rendered in a lighter shade of blue). The earth side is a composite of photographs taken from the U.S. orbiter Copernicus. The other side of the moon is based on photographs taken by astronaut William Anders aboard Apollo 8 (December 1968), and is incomplete; a comprehensive picture of the dark side was not yet available. Craters and other geological features are labeled in green, impact and landing sites of spacecraft are labeled in orange. Newly named features, not yet officially recognized, are in parentheses.

The globe sits loosely in a white plastic stand, supported by three curved uprights, on tapered stem and round base. The box is decorated with a paste-down color picture of the moon and rocket. The 14-page accordion-fold educational booklet, titled Lunar Globe Log Book, contains information about the moon and globe. It also has a log of moon exploration events beginning with Luna I, the first lunar exploration satellite launched by the USSR on January 2, 1959, to Apollo 11, the first manned mission to land on the moon on July 20, 1969. The log continues with a lined page on which to continue to record moon exploration events. The rest of the pamphlet reproduces photographs of the moon’s surface taken from spacecraft.

J. Chein & Co. was an American toy and housewares company that produced a number of educational globes, globe coin banks and novelty globes. Read more about them in our Guide to Globe Makers.

Condition: Globe very good with minor wear an oxidation. Booklet very good with the usual light toning and wear. Box a bit worn, soiled, and misshapen, with scattered dampstains, but intact.


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