Guido Cora 24-Inch Terrestrial Floor Globe
Italian, 3rd Quarter 19th Century
Guida Cora, 24-inch Terrestrial Floor Globe
detail: horizontal band detail: U.S.A. detail: cartouche
Guido Cora (1851-1917) (cartographer)
G.B Paravia et Cie (maker)
Globo Terrestre Fisico & Politico
[24-Inch Physical and Political Floor Globe]
Torino, Milan and Florence, Italy: 3rd Quarter 19th Century
52 inches high
33.5 inches diameter, overall
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A handsome 24-inch oversized Italian terrestrial floor globe. Globes frequently are made with stands in the style of earlier periods. This unusual stand was made in the robust Baroque taste popular in Rome in the 17th Century, though still highly favored by Italian furniture makers through the 19th century. The illustrations of the zodiac on the horizon band are particularly attractive. The terrestrial globe in calibrated full bronze meridian, the horizon with 12 sides corresponding to the signs of the zodiac, with hand-colored engraved paper ring having calendar, signs of the zodiac, astronomical calibrations; supported by four fruit-wood quadrants; raised on a fruit-wood tripod stand in the Baroque taste, the ring turned baluster standard joined by shaped scrolled legs, ending in bun feet.

This physical and political ("Fisico & Politico") terrestrial globe has extensive physical geography and detailed cartography. Place names in Italian.

Guido Cora was a prominent Italian geographer born in Turin, where he spent most of his life. In 1881, Cora was named professor of geography at the University of Turin. G.B. Paravia & Cia. was founded by Giovanni Battista Paravia in Turin, Italy, in 1802, and today produces textbooks and materials for the teaching of experimental science under the name of Edizioni Scolastiche Paravia. At the Turin General Exposition in 1884, the Paravia firm's exhibit included a terrestrial globe of two meters in diameter.

Cartouche: GLOBE TERRESTRE/ FISICO & POLITCO/ construtto e disegnato/ secondo/ LO STATO ATTUALE DELLE COGNIZIONI GEOGRAFICA/ DAL PROF./ GUIDO CORA/ Direttore ... della Societa Geografica de Londre... Della Edit... ce G.B. Paravia e Cia/ I Vigardi/ Roma, Torino, Milano,/ Firenze/ Incico pell Instituto Geografico Guido Cora, Torino...1886


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