3-Inch Terrestrial Pocket Globe
Lane, London: c. 1809

This item is sold.  It has been placed here in our online archives as a service for researchers and collectors.

Lane pocket globe
Lane (fl. 1809-1825)
3-Inch Terrestrial Pocket Globe
London: c. 1809
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The terrestrial pocket globe is made up of twelve hand colored engraved gores, the equatorial graduated in degrees and hours (in Roman numerals), the ecliptic graduated in days and showing the symbols of the houses of the zodiac, the prime meridian marked Meridian of London, the continents colored in outline and shaded, the oceans showing the voyages of Captain Cook and Anson, the Antarctic marked Frozen Ocean, and with metal axis pins. With original fishkin-covered case closing with eye hooks, the interior engraved celestial gores showing the stars and constellations, colored green. The globe is in fine condition, noting some minor scratches and abrasions. The original fishskin case with interior celestial gores is included.

The identity of Lane himself is not quite clear, though van der Krogt suspects that he was Lieut. Michael Lane, a marine surveyor trained by Captain Cook. Some Lane pocket globes bear the inscription "J. Mynde Sc.," linking the Lane-type globes to the revised Ferguson globe issued in the 1750's.

Cartouche: Lane's Improved Globe.

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