Decorating the Kitchen and Dining Room

• Decorative accents from our stock of prints, art and decorative arts objects.
• Interior decoration assistance available.
• A few suggestions are below or contact us for more ideas.

Fruit | Flowers | Food & Wine | Decorative Serving Pieces


Fruit is a traditional symbol of plenty and prosperity, with lively colors and pleasing forms that have attracted artists through the ages. Decorate the dining area with fruit prints and watercolors, from peaches and apples to exotic tropical varieties. View more fruit prints.

Ferrari Citrus Botanical Prints

These Ferraris are Lemons:
Prints of lemons by G.B. Ferrari, 1646.

Flying Fruit:
Citrus fruit prints from Johann C. Volckamer, 1708-14.

Volckamer Pineapple

Pineapple by the Sea: Botanical print from Johann C. Volckamer,

Duhammel Fruit Prints

Pick a Pair of Pears:
Prints by Duhamel Du Monceau, 1807-35. Eight available, $450.

Banana Palm Tree and Coconut Palm Tree

From a Periodical on Pomology:
Prize fruits by Bivort, 1853-60.
$375 each.


We have a wide variety of botanical prints, many available in sets of two, four, six or eight. Visit our botanical pages to see more and see display ideas in Decorating with Framed Sets of Prints.

Left and Center:
Robert Sweet prints, Chinese watercolors
These flowers never fade, are available in sets, and are priced between $250 and $450 each.

Right: Jean Louis Prévost still life print, late 18th- early 19th C. $950.

Redoute Botanicals From Choix Des Plus Belles Fleurs Redoute Botanicals From Choix Des Plus Belles Fleurs Fraipont floral studies

Food & Wine

Genre prints, maps and original illustration art depicting food, wine, and dining scenes.

Color poster maps of French wine regions

Wine Region Posters
$750 each.

W.H. Bunbury, The Breakfast -- Symptoms of Drowsiness

Henry William Bunbury
The Breakfast -- Symptoms of Drowsiness
London: 1815

Vineyard Harvesters

Vineyard Harvesters
Early 20th C.
Oil on panel

Left: One of a series of colorful pictorial maps produced in postwar France to promote French wines. This 1950s map by Remy Hetreau from the George Glazer Gallery appeared in the book You Are Here by Katharine Harmon.

Near right: Humorous British genre print of well-fed gents after breakfast.

Right: Folk art style painting of French vineyard workers carrying off baskets of harvested grapes.

Wine Tasting Room

Giovanni Pasanella
Wine Tasting Room
Drawing, 1975-76

F.I. Brand Wine Advertisement.

F.I. California Port Wine
American School: c. 1940s
Gouache on illustration board

Richard F. William's Pie Illustration

Richard F. Williams
Ink and wash on paper
c. 1965

Above left: Architect's rendering of a wine tasting room.

Above center: The Golden Gate Bridge and a geometric San Francisco skyline are shown in this original illustration art, with the slogan, "As Californian as Frisco Itself."

Above right: Drawing of a pie by a popular American illustrator of the mid 20th century.

Decorative Serving Pieces

Decorative ceramics and utensils that are suitable for display in the kitchen and dining room. See also our prop rental ceramics page, where we frequently have sets of dishes and housewares. All props are also offered for sale.


Pewter Flagons and Tankards
18th & 19th C.
$450 each


Chinoiserie Platter from our Prop Rental section
English: c. 1775-1825
Ceramic stoneware, blue and white willow ware
15 x 19 inches
Price on Request

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