Decorating Ideas

• For the lady or gentleman.
• Interior decoration assistance for dressing rooms, bedrooms and powder rooms.
• Some of these come from larger sets; click on images to see the rest.
• A few suggestions are below. See also Fashion & Historical Costume or contact us.

For the Lady | For the Gent | Pictures of Interiors

Fashion Plates for the Lady's Dressing Room

Dance Hall Costume Designs
Paris: 1909-10
$450 to $750 each

The Coquette at Her Toilet

The Coquette at Her Toilet
George Morland
London: 1787
Aquatint, uncolored

Pair of Louis XV Boudoir Studies of Elegant Women

Louis XV Elegance:
Allegorical portraits of aristocratic ladies.
Late 19th C. strikes from 18th C. etchings.
$950 the pair.

Regional Costume Studies from 'Fancy Ball Dresses'

Fancy Ball Dresses: Costumes from different countries, c. 1831.
Many available,
$550 each.

Fashion Plates from Moniteur de la Mode

Le Moniteur de la Mode
Fashion plates from an 1877 French fashion magazine.
$125 to $250 each.

French Fashion Illustrations

The Catwalk:
Fashions through the ages rendered by H. and C. Condon, c. 1930s. Large series
$550 each

Menocal Hat

Richard de Menocal
Large Headdress

For the Gentleman

Kilt Trips:
Scottish Tartans
London: 1847
$350 each.

Smith knight print

Good Knights:
c. 1811-18
Large series of colorful medieval British costume prints.

Middle Eastern Costume print

Exotic Costumes:
Historical Middle Eastern costume prints. $475 each.

Vanity Fair:
c. 1868-1917
$50 to $450 each

La Toilette d'un Clerc Procureur

Toilette Humor:
La Toilette
Early 19th C.

Interior Design

French deco design, blocks

Several Art Deco Architect's Designs
French: c. 1930s
Watercolor and pencil on paper.
$850 each.

French Interior Design Prints from the mid 19th Century

Desire Guilmard
Le Garde-Meuble
Ancien et Moderne

Lithographs, Mid 19th C.
$400 each

Cauvet Designs

Neoclassical Interior Designs
Late 18th C.
$1,500, pair

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