Decorating with Framed Sets of Prints
Framed set of yacht flags

Decorating with Sets of Prints

Framed sets of prints create a dramatic visual impact. As part of our client services, the George Glazer Gallery will help you select the right grouping of prints for your wall and have them framed to your specifications. We offer sets of 4, 6, 8, 12, and more.

Frames come in a variety of traditional styles: gold-leaf, gold finish, natural wood and ebonized. All works on paper are framed to museum specifications to protect and preserve the artwork: mounted on acid-free rag mat board and under UV3 plexiglass to filter out ultraviolet light and help prevent color loss and fading.

To take advantage of this service, make an appointment at the gallery by calling 212-535-5706, or select prints from the web site, and we will quote the framed price.

Shown on this page are various types of sets that lend themselves to this treatment—follow the links to see more on our site: Maritime, Birds, Botanicals, Genre & Humor, Fashion, and Celestials.

Framed Set of Burritt Celestial Prints
Framed set of Seguy prints
Framed Set of Fruit Prints

The yacht flags (upper left) and fern prints (below, second from left) are both interior designs by Jane Capellini using framed sets from the George Glazer Gallery, as featured in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens. Butterfly and insect prints (upper right) purchased from the George Glazer Gallery appeared with an article about a New Orleans home in Elle Decor.

Framed Set of Fashion Prints Framed set of fern prints Framed Set of Fashion Prints Framed Set of Parrot Prints
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