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• For promotions, conclusions of transactions, retirement and other special occasions.
• Our customers range in size from small businesses to Fortune 400 corporations.
• Confidentiality observed and we can meet last-minute deadlines.
• Interior decoration assistance for lobbies, hallways, offices and board rooms.
• A few suggestions are below. See also Gifts Ideas: Professions and Pastimes or contact us.

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Globes convey worldliness and an international vision that is part of the mission of many of today's companies. We have the largest selection of antique and vintage globes for sale in the United States, at a wide price range. In the $250 to $1,000 range, consider a 20th-century table globe. Floor globes generally are over $1,000.
See also Floor Globes | Table Globes.

Weber Costello 12-inch floor globe with Phyfe stand

12-Inch Celestial Globe
Chicago: 1960s

Peoples Bank Globe

Peoples Bank Globe
Philadelphia: 1921

Denoyer-Geppert World Desk Globe

4-Inch Desk Globe
c. 1930s

City Maps

The gallery maintains a large inventory of New York City maps, but we also carried selected maps of other cities, states and the entire United States. See more maps: New York City, Long Island, New England, Florida, Western States, United States.

New York and Brooklyn, From Mitchell's New General Atlas

New York and Brooklyn
Hand-colored engraved map
c. 1867-1880s

World, Country and Continent Maps

"A New & Accurate Chart of the World"

Like globes, maps also symbolize a global perspective. See also World Maps for a variety of styles and prices.

(left) Map of China
Hand-colored engraving
American: 1850, $175
(other countries available in the same set)

(right) Double Hemisphere World Map
Hand-colored engraving
American: 1850, $450

A New Map of the World on the Globular Projection

Business Prints and Decorations

Antique and vintage prints and books related to trade and finance are a natural choice for a business gift, and our selection includes pictures of Wall Street landmarks like the illustrated book below left. Or choose a desk accessory, such as an antique paperweight made with a piece of the first transatlantic telegraph cable (below right).

King's Views of the New York Stock Exchange, 1897
Two Tiffany Atlantic cable sections


For members of the legal profession,
we offer law-themed prints, and a large selection of antique and vintage gavels from $250.

Mahogany and Rosewood Gavel


Select a gift for the sports enthusiast from a large selection including golf, boating, horseback riding, skiing, tennis and many more. A few ideas shown below — many more are in our Sports section.

after George Stubbs, Mambrino: A Winner Born in 1768<

Polo Players
Watercolors by Raymond S. Pease
20th C.
$475 each

Woman Golfer

Lou Marchetti
Late 20th C.

A Packetship and Steamer Baltic of the Collins Line Speaking in Mid Ocean.

Glen Cove Sailboat
American: 1947

League of American Wheelmen

C.D. Weldon
League of American Wheelmen from Harper's Weekly
Hand-colored wood engraving, 1883


Americana gives us a sense of continuity with the important events and great people of our nation's past.
Find more pictures and artifacts in our large Americana section.

Young George Washington and the Cherry Tree

George Gorgas White
Father, I Can Not Tell a Lie: I Cut the Tree
John C. McRae, NY: 1867

American Stage Waggon

American Stage Waggon [sic.]
Engraving, 1798
$300, framed

Fruits of the Tropics

Fruits of the Tropics
Currier & Ives, New York: 1871
Hand-colored lithograph


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