Decorating the Children's Room
Nursery Rhyme Clock

We have a large selection of bold, colorful designs such as this painting of Egyptian motifs. $375.

Childhood is a time of imagination, whimsy and fantasy. Brighten your child's room and encourage their natural interest in pictures, animals and storytelling with colorful prints and art. This page features some items from our inventory. Contact us for more suggestions.

Bunny Family

Illustration art from classic children's literature has timeless charm. Above, a drawing for The Bunny Stories by Culmer Barnes. $550.

Condon Print

H.C. Condon
Paintings of fashions from the Middle Ages to the Roaring Twenties. Many available: $550 each

Punch and Judy Brass Ornaments

Punch and Judy
English: c. 1900
Brass ornaments
$800, the pair


c. 1950s
Watercolor and gouache
Price on Request

Ringling Bros. Circus Parade in Old Springfield

Robert Holcomb
Ringling Bros. Circus Parade

Pen and ink, c. 1930s

The City illustration

Lisl Weil
The City
Pen and ink illustration for book of poetry

See also our Birds & Animals section, or for a more playful approach, Illustration Art
Heimburg North American Animal Illustration

North American Animals
Dutch: 1930s
Gouache and watercolor

Frog and Bumblebee

The Frog and the Bumblebee
American: 1949, watercolor

Illustrations of Shakespeare

H. Heath
Illustrations of Shakespeare
London: 19th C.
Hand-colored etching

Find Illustrations, Games & Toys, and Genre Prints created for the children of the 19th and early 20th centuries on our web site.

Get Off the Earth Puzzle Cabin Cruiser Battery-operated Toy Boat

(far left) Get Off the Earth Puzzle
American: c. 1918
Color printed rotating card game

(left) Cabin Cruiser Battery-operated Toy Boat
Japan: c. 1950s, shown left.
Price on Request

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