White Coral
Natural History Specimens for Home Decor
White Coral White Coral

Specimen #1, top and side views, 6 x 13 x 11 inches, $600

White Coral

Specimen #2, 10 x 7 x 9 inches, $600.

White Coral Specimens
Various sizes up to about 15 inches (height, width, depth)
$250 to $1,250 each

Custom-made bases in various styles are available at an additional cost, which depends on the style selected.

Examples of previously sold specimens below. See also our selection of red coral.

White coral specimens, available in different shapes and species, including those commonly known as lettuce coral, cauliflower coral, turbinaria coral naturally shaped as bowls, and branched coral such as finger, octopus, staghorn, and antler.  We offer them either unmounted or mounted on various styles of custom bases.  The corals are their natural color, and have been legally collected, having been specially propagated for the decorative coral market.

Coral has been a material for carving various jewelry and decorative arts from ancient times to present.  Full branches were often found in collectors' cabinets of the 18th century, among other natural history specimens.  In the past several years, coral has become a very popular motif for interior décor from chandeliers to fabric patterns.  White coral shows up nicely against colored walls and dark furniture.  It is also popular in white and beige beach rooms.

Please note: Our stock is ever-changing, and therefore subject to availability.  If you are seriously interested in purchasing coral and would like to see pictures of those currently available, please e-mail us. We can also send images of sample bases.

Condition: Varies with each specimen.  Most very good to fine.  These are genuine coral, intended as decoration, but not as mineral collectibles. Sold as is, though subject to return if you are not pleased (please inquire as to specifics of our return policy).

Previously Sold Specimens

White Coral White Coral