Sailfish Bill
Mounted Souvenir Natural History Specimen: c.1968-69
Sailfish Bill
Sailfish Bill Sailfish Bill
Sailfish Bill
American: c. 1968-69
Souvenir sailfish jaw in chromed metal mount
19.25 x 2.75 x 2 inches, overall

Fisherman's souvenir "spear" -- a preserved upper bill or jaw of an Atlantic sailfish.  This natural history specimen is capped in an engraved chromed metal mount inscribed that it was from a 32 pound sailfish caught in 1968 off the coast of the island of Grenada in the Caribbean.  The back has a metal loop for hanging. 

Sailfish are much prized by sports fishermen because they are challenging to catch due to their power and speed.  They can grow to 220 lbs., so at 32 lbs., this one was relatively small.

Inscription: Sailfish caught by Bob Graham.  Weight 32 lbs.  Boat -- Balari, Grenada, W.I.  December 28, 1968.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall wear.  Chromed metal label slightly oxidized.  Minor abrasions to spike restored.


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