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Over the last 140 years the gavel has become a widespread symbol of authority and prestige.
Read more about antique and vintage gavels in Gavel-to-Gavel Coverage: A Brief History of the Gavel in the Decorative Arts.

Relic Gavels

Gavels made of wood salvaged from famous buildings and ships.
See also Standard | Ceremonial
Montague City Covered Bridge Relic Gavel

Edward D. Crafts
Covered Bridge Relic Gavel,
Boy Scout Project

S. Deerfield, Massachusetts: 1936

White House gavel

White House Wood Relic Gavels
Coolidge era renovation, c. 1927
Truman era renovation, c. 1950
Prices Vary

B & O Camden Station gavel

B&O Railroad Camden Station Relic Gavel
Baltimore: 1951-52

USS Oregon Gavel

U.S.S. Oregon Battleship Relic Gavel
American: 1942

Western Union/ Reynolds Arcade Building Relic Gavel

Western Union/
Reynolds Arcade Building
Relic Gavel

Rochester, NY: c. 1933
Wood gavel with brass plate

USS Sperry Battleship Relic Gavel

USS Sperry Battleship Relic Gavel
American: 1982
Stained hardwood

West Virginia State Capitol Relic Gavel

West Virginia State Capitol Relic Gavel
Wheeling, WV: c. 1956

White House Christmas Tree Relic Presentation Gavel

Keep South Dakota Green Association
White House Christmas Tree Relic Gavel
American: c. 1956
White spruce and brass plate

Standard Gavels

See also Ceremonial | Relic
Large Gavel

Large Gavel
2nd Quarter 20th C.

Selection of Premium Gavels

Selection of Premium Gavels
American: 20th C.
Sizes vary
$225 to $450 each

Large Gavel

Tiger-Grained Wood Gavel
2nd Quarter 20th C.
Price on Request

Ceremonial Gavels

Gavels made for organizations, commemorations and presentations.
See also Standard | Relic
Susan B. Anthony gavel

Susan B. Anthony Gavel
Smithsonian Series
Stieff, c. 1960s-1970s

Westchester County Presentation Ivory Gavel

Ivory Presentation Gavel
New York: 1872

Gavel in Marquetry Box, Two Handles

Presentation Gavel, Two Handles, Marquetry Box

Finely Carved Commemorative Ship Launching Gavel

Ship Launching Gavel for S.S. Chiapas, Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow: 1882

Masonic Bronze Gavel Door Knocker

Masonic Gavel Door Knocker
Bronze, c. 1900

New Yorkers Gavel

New Yorkers Gavel
NYC Women's Club
c. 1920s
Ebonized wood

Belvedere Lodge Gavel

Belvedere Lodge Gavel
Los Angeles: 1925

Speaker of the House Gavel

Joseph W. Martin, Jr., Speaker of the House Gavel
American: c. 1947-49 or 1953-55

Custom Display Stands

For desk or shelf display, the gavel is held at an angle above a round disk simulating a pounding block, giving it the dynamic appearance of being in mid-motion. The gavel rests on two wire rods, and can easily be removed for use. The stands shown here also have hand-stamped metal label plates.

Gavel stand side view
Gavel stand top view

About Collecting Antique & Vintage Gavels

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