World Time Lighthouse Clock
German, c. 1900
Lighthouse Clock
World Time Lighthouse Clock
Attributed to Junghans, Germany: c. 1900
Tin with plaster base
23 inches high

The clock realistically modeled as a lighthouse, the top section with windows painted nautical green and red, and with open doors, above crow's nest fenced lookout, supporting a 8-arm star-form rotating windmill-like clock dial holder, each with a round 2 1/2-inch white enameled dial with hour and minute hands, for a different world city: New York, Greenwich, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Peking, Atlanta, and San Francisco; the lower section with crow's nest fenced lookout, and enclosing clockworks inside, accessible by a hinged door in the back, and with local time paper dial with hour and minute hands inset in a rectangular projection in the front, on a weighted round base with exposed rough plaster to resemble stone.

Clocks in the form of lighthouses were very popular in the 19th Century. This clock, attributed to the prolific German manufacturer Junghans, was produced in limited numbers at the turn of the Century. With its attention to times around the world, it shows the growing internationalization of the world in the 20th Century, particularly with respect to the international shipping industry, referenced by the clock's nautical lighthouse theme. Indeed, its manufacture was likely encouraged by the adoption of International Time Zones in the 1880s.

Condition: Complete item with generally good with the usual wear, soiling, oxidation to metal. Only the lower main clock keeps time.