Brass Binnacle (Ship's Compass)
Sestrel, London: c. 1940s
Binnacle Binnacle
Sestrel, London: c. 1940s
12 inches high, 9 inches diameter

Brass binnacle (ship’s compass) of customary helmet form, enclosing a working liquid compass. The compass is of typical form, the compass card with cardinal points, set in liquid and overall on a gimbaled support so it stays level even with movement of the ship. It is viewable through a round glass window in the gimbal, and illuminated by a side kerosene lamp accessible by a hinged brass door. It has a carrying bale handle at the top, but also can be bolted in a stationery position by a flange at the base.

Sestrel was a British manufacturer of marine compasses. In 1993, the company was acquired by SIRS Navigation Ltd.

Serial number: “No. B4/563IL/46”

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall wear and oxidation expected for a working maritime instrument. Compass interior slightly cloudy, interior white paint worn, chipped.

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