The New Map of the World
Large Art Deco Double Hemisphere Pictorial Map

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New Map of the World
Detail of upper portion
Detail of map
Detail of illustration in lower right corner
Detail of Cartouche
Edward Everett Henry (1893 - 1961) (after)
The New Map of the World
Washington Square Book Shop, New York: 1928
Color printed poster
31.5 x 36 inches, overall
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Colorful Art Deco double hemisphere map of the world, richly decorated with illustrations of scenes from world history. The geographic entities are colored according to national and colonial divisions (prior to their independence after World War II), with a key in the lower part of the cartouche. The illustrations show scenes of the prehistoric eras of the dinosaurs and Neolithic peoples, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, knights on horseback in Medieval Europe and the Middle East, the founding and settling of the United States of America, the Napoleonic Wars, and World War I. The hemispheres are surmounted by an anthropomorphized sun and the cartouche lower center shows a gleaming city, with skyscrapers, bridges, railways, airplanes, and factories, all distinctly in the Art Deco taste. The map is colored pink, blue, yellow, brown, green, gray and tan, outlined in black, and surrounded by a scalloped border.

Edward Everett Henry was an illustrator and muralist based in New York City.

Full publication information: “Designed by Edward Everett Henry. Pub. by the Washington Square Book Shop. 27 West 8th Street, New York City. Copyright 1928 by W.S.B.S. All rights reserved in all countries.”


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