The Catalan Atlas 19th C. Edition in 6 Maps
Cosmographical Diagram
Cosmographical Diagram
Abraham Cresques (d. 1387) (after)
Cosmographical Diagram
from The Catalan Atlas
Charles Simonneau, Paris: 1st Half 19th Century
Hand-colored engravings on paper, mounted on linen
Set of six enclosed in paperboard folder and slipcase, as issued
20.5 x x 26 inches each (65 x 51 cm)
Sold, please inquire as to the availability of similar items.
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The second section of the atlas is a large circular chart, at its center the earth, symbolized by an astronomer holding an astrolabe, surrounded by the other elements of fire, air and water. These in turn are encircled by the seven known planets, the zodiac band, and the stations and phases of the moon. Six rings contain the lunar calendar and and note the effect of the moon in the different signs of the zodiac. Three more rings show the division of the circle into degrees, and the outermost band gives an account of the Golden Number. The figures holding scrolls in the four corners represent the four seasons.


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