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View, New York City, by Alice Thevin, Vintage Prints


Alice Thévin (d. 1937)
New York Sketches
Privately printed: c. 1930s
Photoprocess prints on paper
$125 each

Shown left:

Washington Square
South Street At Park Slip
Saint Paul’s Church
Market Slip
Historic Colonnade Row On Lafayette Street
Seventh Avenue Showing The Metropolitan Temple
East River Docks
An Arch of The Manhattan Bridge
Five Points Corners
The Brooklyn Bridge From Roosevelt Street
Cherry Street
The Sub-Treasury Building on Nassau Street
Frankfort Street
Across East River
Mott Street’s Chinese Quarter
Fulton And Front Streets

Group of sixteen prints of famous sites in New York City made from on-site sketches of historic and modern buildings by artist Alice Thévin, a French-born artist who divided her time between Europe and America. The scenes are rendered in a loose, spontaneous style and exhibit Thévin’s penchant for finding the picturesque in less obvious places, for example, a view of Washington Square focuses on a gnarled tree trunk rather than the famous arch, which becomes part of the background.

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Alice Thévin was born near Paris, France, and spent her childhood first in Paris and then in Le Havre, where she attended the convent of Sacre Coeur. After earning her degree, she returned to Paris where her circle of friends included artists and writers. She came to the United States with American friends she had met in Paris. For several years she lectured on art and literature in Boston, Philadelphia and New York. Falling ill, she returned to France to recuperate. After recovering, she realized her long cherished ambition to become a painter. She preferred plein air painting in oils and watercolors, interpreting the Swiss and French countryside, villages and street scenes. Wherever she traveled, she looked for interesting subjects and would delve into the history and background information of her subject. As she grew older, Thévin divided her time between Europe and the U.S. America’s freewheeling atmosphere appealed to her restless, modern spirit and stirred her imagination: the pastoral old farm houses, barns and bridges of New Hampshire and Vermont, and the bustling, energetic metropolis of New York, where she enjoyed ferreting out the less obvious subjects: a forgotten church, a crooked street, a quaint corner, a tiny square, waterfront docks or a dilapidated tenement building. She exhibited her work in Paris, New York and Boston, though the act of painting was more important to her than an exhibition career. At her death she left behind many portfolios filled with sketches of Paris and New York.

Condition: Generally fine, with only minor toning and wear.

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