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View, New York City, 1876 and 1913, Brooklyn Bridge, Advertising, Antique Print, 1913


New York City in 1876 and 1913 — Dioxogen Promotional Poster
[New York?]: 1913
Photo process print, overprinted in gold
Publication credit lower right: W.D. 32
16 x 29.5 inches, overall

Advertising broadside print featuring two panoramic photographs of the Lower Manhattan skyline from across the East River in Brooklyn: “New York City in 1876 — 37 Years Ago” and “New York City in 1913” from the same vantage point. Together, the photos show the striking transformation of the city in the intervening 37 years, including the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge, of which only the first tower was completed in the earlier photograph. Another sign of the city’s transformation is that the dozens of sailboats anchored along the shore in the 1876 photograph are replaced by piers and warehouses by 1913. The photographs are each outlined with a thin ruled line, and the two photographs and text are surrounded by a thick gold border. This is a promotional poster for Dioxogen, a medicinal product manufactured in New York City. Each photo is overprinted with a decorative emblem in gold with the slogan “Dioxogen/ First Aid Always.” There are copyright notices lower right in each photo. Given the elegant presentation, this was probably offered as a promotional print to be framed and displayed in offices or stores in New York. It is apparently rare, as we have been unable to locate any other examples in major public map collections.

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Some key landmarks are identified in small print above the lower view, from left to right: “Whitehall Building, 415 ft.; Banker’s Trust, 540 ft.; Singer Building, 612 ft.; Park Row B’ld’g 382 ft. 3 in.; Woolworth B’ld’g 750 ft.; Brooklyn Bridge; Municipal Building, 560 ft. 1 in.” The promotional copy beneath the photos reads:

New York in 1876 — 37 Years Ago. The Brooklyn Bridge was then under construction — one of the supports can be seen on the New York side of the River.

 New York in 1913. The growth of Dioxogen has been as wonderful as the development of this great city; it is now sold in every Drug Store in New York as well as in every other city and town in the United States. Dioxogen is used in over a million homes. It ought to be in yours.

Dioxogen was a product of the Oakland Chemical Company, which was first headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and later moved its offices to Manhattan. Its factory was on Staten Island. The company began marketing a hydrogen peroxide solution as a medicine in the United States in 1881 as its principal product. Starting in 1901, they started selling the product under the brand name Dioxogen, until 1930, when the company disappears from the historical record. Today there is a company in Venezuela producing drugstore products such as deodorants and cleansers under the Dioxogen name, but it has no connection to the Oakland Chemical Company.


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