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View, Bermuda, Castle Harbour Hotel, Wilson, Architecture, Pencil Drawing, 1930


James Perry Wilson (1889-1976)
Mayers, Murray & Philip Architects
The Castle Harbour, Bermuda
American: 1930
Pencil on paper
Signed and titled lower left
13.25 x 21 inches, image
21.5 x 28.25 inches, sheet

Original architectural rendering of the magnificent Castle Harbour Hotel in Bermuda drawn in pencil by James Perry Wilson. The sunlit view shows the imposing structure from the water with the shoreline in the foreground. Wilson trained as an architect and was also interested in the effects of light on landscape, both of which come through in this work. Wilson executed it for Mayers, Murray & Philip Architects¬† — whose name is inscribed in the lower right —¬† where he was employed until 1932. The luxurious hotel was built by the British Shipping Company in 1930. It was later taken over by the Marriott group, and closed in 1999, after which it was demolished by the Bermuda government and redeveloped as the Tuckers Point Club.

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James Perry Wilson was an American artist and architect, known for his landscape paintings and for his backgrounds for the beloved dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History, where he worked for 23 years. Born in Newark, New Jersey, he became seriously interested in drawing and painting as a teen but trained as an architect, graduating from the Columbia University Architecture School in 1914. He immediately went to work as an architect at Bertram Goodhue, which was reorganized as Mayers, Murray and Philip after Goodhue’s death in the 1920s. He remained there until 1932, when the firm laid off most of their staff due to the Depression. However, during that 18-year period, he continued painting, especially architectural subjects and plein air landscapes in a realist style, with Monhegan Island being a favorite subject. He began working as a diorama painter at the American Museum of Natural History in 1934, where he spent the rest of his career until retiring in 1957. Over his career there, he painted 38 diorama background, including many backgrounds for African and American mammals.

Condition: Generally very good for a working architectural drawing, with the usual overall light toning, wear, handling.  Some greater discoloration in blank margins.


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