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View, Italy, Florence, Giuseppe Zocchi, Tuscan Villas, Antique Prints, 1744


Giuseppe Zocchi (1711-1767) (after)
Giuseppe Benedetti, Michele Marieschi (1710-1743) (engravers)
Villa della Luna delli SS’ri Mar’si Guadagni [Villa of the Moon of the Marquises Guadagni]
Villa del Sig’r Marchese Bartolini a Rovezzano [Villa of the Marquis Bartolini a Rovezzano]
from Luoghi della Ville, e d’ Altri Luoghi della Toscana
[Sites of the Villas, and of Other Places in Tuscany]

Appresso Giuseppe Allegrini, Florence: 1744
Hand-colored engravings
11 x 18.5 inches, border
14 x 21 inches, overall
12.25 x 19.5 inches, plate mark (Luna)
12 x 19 inches, plate mark (Bartolini)
$600 each

Pair of picturesque landscape views of villas in the Tuscan countryside. Both show the grand structures with the roads that run in front of them and the lively activity of men, women and robed monks passing by, carrying baskets or stopping to converse. The Villa della Luna is near the Cathedral of San Domenico of Fiesole. It was built by Bartolomeo Scala, historian and secretary of the Florentine republic, toward the end of the 15th century. The grand residence passed to the Guadagni family in the early 16th century, who enlarged and restored it in 1710, and still owned it into the 19th century. The villa eventually passed to other owners. The Rovezzano villa first belonged to the Cerchi family, and passed to the Bartolini family in 1493, who owned it until 1823 when it was sold. In 1855, the villa was purchased by Baroness Fiorella Favard de L’Anglade. Although she died in 1889 and the building passed out of her family; it is still known as Villa Favard today.

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Giuseppe Zocchi was an Italian painter and etcher, known for his history, genre and landscape subjects. Initially trained in Florence, the Marquis Andrea Gerini became his protector and sent him to Rome, Bologna, Milan and Venice for further studies. In Venice, he became acquainted with engravings of views by Michele Marieschi. In the course of these trips, he drew the most interesting sites of each region, which he engraved and assembled as topographic series. He engraved his own work as well as prints after 17th century masters. Zocchi’s two most famous engraved sets of architectural landscapes are Tuscany, published in 1744 (including the two offered prints), and Florence (Scelta di XXIV Vedute delle principali Contrade, Piazza, Chiese, e Palazzi della Citta di Firenze Dedicata alla Sacra Reale Apostolica Maesta di Maria Teresa Regina d Ungheriae di Boemia, Arciduchesa d Austria e Granduchessa di Toscana &c. &c. &c.), published in 1754.

Giuseppe Benedetti was an Italian engraver, born in Bologna. He engraved effigies of Christ and the saints, as well as portraits.

Michele Marieschi was an Italian painter, etcher and engraver. He began to etch in the 1730s. He spent most of his career in Venice producing Venetian landscapes, views. He also is known for his capriccios — picturesque, imaginary landscapes.

Condition: Generally very good, recently professionally cleaned and deacidified, with only minor remaining toning and wear.


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