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Novelty Globe, Thermometer Stand, 2.75-inch Diameter, Felkl, Prague: Late 19th C.


J. Felkl
2.75-Inch Terrestrial Globe on Pillar Thermometer Stand
Prague: Late 19th Century
12 inches high, 3.5 inch diameter base

Miniature globe on an unusual decorative thermometer columnar stand. The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a spherical finial, on a small stand with a brass rod horizon supported by two brass rod quadrants, on a red metal round base. The globe sits in an open brass dish raised on two brass rods on either side of a central glass column enclosing a mercury thermometer, with a scale calibrated and marked R and F. At the bottom of the thermometer assembly, the stand is decorated with a pair of scrolled griffin head mounts, ending in a round red metal stepped base.

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The globe identifies place names in German. Oceans are cream-colored, and some geographic entities are faintly shaded or outlined.

J. Felkl was a major European producer of globes. Read more about Felkl in our Guide to Globe Makers.

Globe Cartouche: DIE ERDE/ Prag/ bei J. Felkl

Condition: Globe very good with the usual light overall wear. Thermometer no longer working but not broken.

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Brass, Glass, Metal


19th Century