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Telecommunications, Telephone, Cable, American, Souvenir Relics, Vintage, 1928-1948


Souvenir Telephone Cable Sections
American: 1928-1948
Telephone cables mounted on wood bases
13 inches high, 4 inches diameter, each approximate
Provenance: Verizon’s Telephone Pioneers of America Museum, Alexander K. McLellan Chapter No.40, Providence, Rhode Island and the Excelsior Chapter No.98, Buffalo, New York
$1,900, set of 3

Three different souvenir sections of underground telephone cables, each mounted on a wooden base imprinted with information about it, including the place where it was used and/or year it was manufactured. Each cable consists of a bundle of wires sheathed in protective layers of varying forms and compositions.  These items were deaccessioned from the collections of two chapters of the Telephone Pioneers of America.

Each is at once an interesting example of telecommunications history and would also make an handsome modern abstract shelf decoration for a man cave or telecom executive office.

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No. 2512, Tape Armored Cable to be buried directly in the ground for Fort Worth-Cisco, Texas Cable, Made in 1929: Armored cable, as the name implies, sheaths the bundle of wires with protective layers. The bundle has been sliced on one plane to create a cylindrical souvenir.

2548, First Commercial Oversize Telephone Cable, 3-1/8 Inches Diameter, Allentown-Reading, Penna. 1928: Cable containing bundles of wires, which have been trimmed in successively shorter lengths to show the concentric rows of wires.

No. 2789, Alpeth Cable, 1947-48: Alpeth cable was developed in 1947 for telephone exchange areas as an alternative to cable sheathed in lead, which was still in short supply following the end of World War II. Instead of lead, the cables were wrapped in layers of paper and corrugated aluminum, covered with polyethylene plastic.

The Telephone Pioneers of America is an organization of telephone industry employees founded in 1911 to promote the ideals and traditions of the telecommunications industry. As it grew, members formed local chapters and in 1958 community service was added to the organization’s mission. Today the organization is simply known as the Pioneers and there are 82 chapters.

Condition: Each generally very good with the usual overall light handling, wear, oxidation.


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