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Sporting, Horses, Arabian, Vintage Photographs by Tad Horton


Tad Horton (fl. 1940s to 1960s)
Arabian Horses at the Lazy VV Ranch, Colorado
Black-and-white photographs
14 x 11 inches, average approximate
$300 each

Vintage photographs of Arabian horses taken at the picturesque Lazy VV Ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Photojournalist Tad Horton visited the horse-breeding ranch, 50 miles from Denver in Boulder County, to photograph “Garama” and others. His pictures document day-to-day life at the ranch as the horses graze in the mountains, run freely and give birth.

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The Lazy VV Ranch was a 1,000-acre ranch primarily devoted to raising cattle. Looking for saddle horses to work the ranch that were nimble, strong and adaptable to the high altitudes and rugged terrain of the Rockies, Lynn W. Van Vleet decided Arabian horses were the most promising breed and began raising them in 1938. By March of 1944, when an article about the ranch appeared in Western Horseman, Van Vleet’s herd of 69 purebred Arabian horses had “drawn the interest and admiration of horse breeders everywhere.”

Tad Horton worked as an advertising photographer in the mid 20th century and produced images for the Kellogg Company, Union Carbon and Carbide Company, the American Can Company, and many others, as well as producing his own work. He also developed several electronic lighting devices for use in on-location photography.

Condition:  Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear, handling.


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