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Steroid Molecule
British: c. 1980s
Bronze or brass, wooden base
10.5 x 12.25 x 5 inches, overall

For prop rental or purchase.

A bronze sculptural presentation model of a steroid molecule mounted on an oval stained wood base. A flat, circular plate, engraved with the names of individuals prominent in medical research and other fields, is mounted on top of the base encircling the post that holds the model. Apparently the model was presented as an award or commemoration. All steroid molecules have the same basic structure shown in this model — four rings, three of which are hexagons and one that is a pentagon.

The names engraved on the base include those of Irish newscaster Ivor Mills; British eye surgeon Ron Vaughan-Jones; Scottish poet and writer Alan Bold; Australian medical researcher Basil Hetzel; Morley Hutchinson, known for his work in agricultural science, medicine and architectural preservation; Humphrey Kay, pioneer in the treatment of leukemia; Robbie Bacchus, a prominent British pathologist; and H. Gaguik, author of a book on the biochemistry of urine.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall light wear and handling.


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